Top 5 Foods To Try When In Green Bay

Top 5 Foods To Try When In Green Bay


Yup, it’s more than just cheese! Here in the great state of Wisconsin, there’s nothing we take more seriously than food and football. If you’re lucky enough to be in our hometown of Green Bay, first of all, welcome! Besides being the home of Lambeau Field, our community is a mecca for classic Wisconsin cuisine, from savory bites and sweet desserts to craft brews and signature cocktails.

Wondering what foods to sample and where you can find locally sourced food in Green Bay? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the top five foods you’ve got to try while you’re in Green Bay:


Perhaps Wisconsin’s most famous signature food is fresh cheese curds. This go-to food to try in Green Bay is best-served hand battered and deep fried to golden crispiness, with ranch and marinara on the side. Cheese curds are perfectly shareable bites of gooey, salty flavor that pair well with a local IPA and, of course, the big game. Enjoy them 12-24 hours after they are made — they’ll squeak when you eat them!

Handcrafted cocktail at Poke the Bear restaurant in Green Bay.2. BRANDY OLD-FASHIONED

Once you’ve sampled Green Bay’s brewery scene, experience a hand-crafted cocktail that embodies Wisconsin’s culture. When you order an Old Fashioned, we keep the whiskey on the shelf and use a light-bodied brandy instead. Why? Some say it’s our German roots, others that Wisconsinites are just creative. Either way, the brandy Old Fashioned is a signature drink you must try while you’re in Green Bay.


Travel anywhere in Wisconsin on a Friday, and you won’t be far from a fish fry. Stop in for a fish fry dinner in Green Bay, and you’ll find beer battered cod or perch, french fries, tartar sauce and creamy coleslaw. These communal meals have been part of Wisconsin’s culinary culture for centuries. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, everyone is welcome at a fish fry.


Just the thought of bratwurst’s peppery, savory aroma makes us want to yell, “Go Green Bay!” These German-style links speak to Wisconsin’s diverse cultural history and are a required food at any tailgate party. Locals up the ante by soaking and cooking the links in beer — preferably a hometown brew! — to create delicious, locally sourced beer brats. We recommend you get your Brats at the stadium as you catch the game — you won’t find any that are better!


You can’t leave Green Bay without trying Wisconsin’s State Pastry — the flaky, multi-layered Kringle. A gift from Danish immigrants in the 1800s, bakeries in Wisconsin produce millions of Kringles, often filled with fruit and topped with icing or nuts. A local favorite is the Cherry Almond Kringle, made with cherries from Door County and topped with cream cheese glaze.

Food & Drinks To Try When Visiting Poke The Bear

1. Pastrami Rueben

Pastrami Reuben sandwich and fries.

Sure, we don’t have to marinate our beef overnight in a secret mixture of spices. We don’t necessarily need to smoke it in-house. Does our pastrami need to listen to Michael Bublé by candlelight? Probably not. We do all that as well as make our sauerkraut and thousand island dressing from scratch. Does that sound over the top? Yes! But at Poke the Bear, we’re all about taking the extra step to make sure your Rueben is better than the best.


2. Soba Noodle Salad

Back in Japan’s Edo period (1603 – 1868), the tradition of the “moving noodle” began. After moving into a new home, soba noodles were a typical gift for the new neighbors. The length of the noodle represents the wish for a long and pleasant relationship. Chef-crafted this salad as a gift to our new neighbors with hopes for a long and vibrant relationship with our new community.


3. Brussles

This dish isn’t for veggie lovers. We’re looking for the nay-sayers and picky eaters. Those who would adamantly decline these humble sprouts. The children who were forced to eat icky greens and grew up to plate-protectionists. This dish was made with you in mind. These Brussels were deep-fried to win you over. Chili, honey, and lime were melded together to convert you.


4. Wisconsin Whiskey Margarita

Who doesn’t love a perfectly balanced margarita? A touch of sweet, a touch of tart. At Poke the Bear, we add our “Wisconsin touch” by using Death’s Door White Whiskey instead of tequila. Distilled from winter wheat grown on Door County’s Washington Island, this raw whiskey has a flavor described as part tequila and part sake. We complete the drink using only fresh squeezed lime juice for tartness and agave nectar for sweetness.

5. Rockin’ Robin Raddler

Bright, refreshing, straight up delicious! Starting with an already crisp raspberry infused Red Bobber from Fox River Brewing Co, we add a touch of botanicals from New Amsterdam gin and fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice. The perfect combination to cool you off during the heat of summer!

6. Caribbean Old Fashioned

A Wisconsin tradition with an island twist! Close your eyes and image sitting on a tropical island yet still getting a beloved old fashioned. It all starts with our house infused Toasted Coconut Barcardi silver rum. Combined with pineapple juice, muddled fruits, and Jamaican hibiscus bitters. Lastly topped with our homemade ginger beer. Northwoods meets West Indies.


In the heart of Downtown’s Entertainment District, Green Bay specialty foods await you at Poke the Bear. Our warm environment celebrates our town’s rich sports heritage and generations of die-hard fans. Whether you’re looking to reminisce on famous games long-past, cheer on Green Bay as they fight for victory or just enjoy fresh, full-flavored dinner in a welcoming atmosphere, we hope to see you.

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